Wrestler Sara Lee Died by Suicide, Medical Examiner Confirms

Sara Lee

WWE Wrestler Sara Lee Died by Suicide, Medical Examiner Confirms. An autopsy report revealed that the 30-year-old wrestler had alcohol and tablets in his body at the time of his death.

Lee, 30, had alcohol and tablets in her body at the time of her death and was using amphetamines, doxylamine, and alcohol, according to official documents obtained by NBC News. and the bruises on her body could be the result of her falling while drunk, reports TMZ. They also reported that the wrestler left a “crime scene manifesto” before he died.

In March, a source close to Lee’s family told PEOPLE that alcohol was a possible cause of her death. said to be high.

Sources say Lee was “drinking heavily [on the night she died]” and was later discovered by her husband Cory James Weston (whose ring name was Westin Blake).

“He [The Westin] had just come home from work in Orlando. He had taken the kids somewhere and came back to find them. I never thought I would do that.”

Sara Lee
Sara Lee

Her mother, Terry Lee, announced the news on her Facebook post in October, saying her family was “shocked” by Lee’s sudden death. I have,” he said. “It is with a heavy heart that we want to announce that our Sarah Weston has gone to Jesus,” she wrote.

She continued: Prayers are especially needed for [Sarah’s husband] Corey and her children. Powerlifters participated in competitions.

She participated in Season 6 of her Tough Her Enough competition series and was named the winner of the season by WWE, signing her a $250,000 contract.

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The following year, using the ring name Hope after her hometown, she appeared at several live NXT events alongside current NXT Women’s Champion and former Tough Enough rival Mandy Rose. She wrestled veteran her WWE Diva her Alicia Fox in her only televised match.

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11 months ago

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