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Some Social Rules That May Help You

Social rules are an important part of our lives. They guide our behavior in different social situations & help us to create positive impressions on others.

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Change Your Life in One Year

We all experience change in life whether it’s positive or negative. It’s no secret that change is hard. But it’s worth it.

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Don’t stop till you drop!

“Don’t Stop till You Drop” is a popular quote that has been used over the years to motivate individuals to keep striving towards their goals.

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Six Habits of Happy People

After examining and analyzing the habits of happy people, it is clear that developing positive habits and outlooks can greatly contribute to overall happiness.

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What time is the coronation flypast?

More than 60 planes are said to be flying over Buckingham Palace, but there are concerns that bad weather could affect this afternoon’s Red Arrows exhibit flypast.

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Why 1st May Celebrated as Gujarat Day 2023?

1st May is a significant day for the people of Gujarat, as it marks the state’s foundation day. Gujarat is a land of diverse cultures and traditions.

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Why you will Always be Poor

Poverty is a state of mind that keeps you chained to the belief that you will always be poor. it’s just a challenge waiting for you to conquer it!