There’s no Place like Hong Kong

Ocean in the Hong Kong

Hong Kong is located at the southern tip of China, bordering the South China Sea. It lies opposite Macau and is separated from mainland China by the Pearl River Delta. Its territory covers an area of 1,104 square kilometers (425 sq mi) and its population was estimated at 7.27 million people in 2015.

Hong Kong

Mountain in Hong Kong

The highest point in Hong Kong is Victoria Peak, which stands at 618 meters (2,011 ft). Other mountains include Tai Mo Shan, which reaches 585 meters (1,955 ft), Lantau Island’s Mount Austin, which rises to 462 meters (1,497 ft), and Po Lin Monastery, which tops out at 454 meters (1,470 ft).

Beach in Hong Kong

Hong Kong’s coastline measures approximately 2,000 km (1,200 mi). There are many beaches in Hong Kong, including Shek O beach, Aberdeen, Clear Water Bay, Stanley, Repulse Bay, Lamma Island, and Sai Kung.


Hong Kong is home to some of the last remaining rainforests in Asia. One of the most important is the New Territories Forest Park, overlaying over 8,000 hectares (20,000 acres).

Desert in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is surrounded by deserts. The Central Asian desert stretches across northern parts of the city, while the Gobi Desert lies to the east.

Rivers in Hong Kong

There are several rivers in Hong Kong. The longest is the Tolo Harbour, which runs along the north coast of Hong Kong Island. The second-longest river is the Shenzhen River, which flows through the eastern side of the New Territories.


Lakes in Hong Kong include Victoria Lake, Hong Kong’s largest lake, and Tai Tam Lake, which is located in the northwestern New Territories.

Life Styles of Peoples


Cantonese is the language spoken in Hong Kong. It is a dialect of Southern Min, a Chinese range spoken specially in Guangdong province. There are many variations among Cantonese and Mandarin, together with pronunciation, vocabulary, grammar, and tone. However, they proportion a few similarities, inclusive of their use of tones and comparable pronunciations.



Hakkas are individuals who stay withinside the mountainous areas of southern China. Their way of life is awesome from that of the Han majority because of its isolation from mainland China. Hakkas talk a completely unique dialect known as Hakka Chinese.


 Teochews are people who live in Guangxi province. They have a different accent than Cantonese speakers.


 Hainanese is a dialect of Chinese spoken in Hainan Island. It is similar to Cantonese, but with some minor differences.


 Hokkien is a dialect of Chinese that originated in Fujian Province. Its name comes from the Hoklo people, who were the first inhabitants of the region.

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 Wu is a dialect of Chinese originating in Jiangsu Province. It stocks many traits with Cantonese, however differs barely in phrases of vocabulary.


 Shanghai is a city in eastern China. Shanghai’s dialect is known as Shanghainese. It is a mix of several varieties of Chinese, including Suzhou dialect, Wuxi dialect, and Putonghua.

  1. Hong Kong people’s lifestyle is characterized by their love for food. In fact, they’ve created many dishes which might be specific to them. One example is the dim sum, which is a type of Cantonese cuisine consisting of small, steamed buns filled with various ingredients. Another popular dish is the char siew, which is barbecued pork. Other examples include the fish ball noodles (鳴燒虾餅) and the fried rice (油麵).
  2. Hong Kong people are known for being extremely friendly. If someone does not greet you upon meeting, then he or she might be considered rude. However, if someone greets you with a smile, then he or she is probably just being polite.
  3. Hong Kong people are famous for their sense of humor. Many jokes are advised across the desk at dinner time. There are even some jokes about the weather. For instance, if it is raining outside, then the joke would be something along the lines of “It’s raining cats and dogs!”
  4. Hong Kong people are also known for their love of shopping. Shopping shops are everywhere, and they’re continually crowded. People often go out to eat after shopping.
  5. Hong Kong human beings are very family oriented. Family members are very close to each other. When someone dies, everyone goes to the funeral together.
  6. Hong Kong people are well-known for their love of sports. Soccer is the most popular sport in Hong Kong. Football is also very popular.
  7. Hong Kong people are generally quite reserved. They do not speak much unless they know you really well.
  8. Hong Kong people are great cooks. They make delicious meals for themselves and others.
  9. Hong Kong people are good dancers. Dancing is a hobby for many young adults.
  10. Hong Kong people are fun-loving people who enjoy going out and having a good time.
  11. Hong Kong people are hardworking individuals. They work long hours and put in extra effort to get things done.
  12. Hong Kong people are respectful towards elders. They respect those who are older than them.
  13. Hong Kong people are loyal friends. They stick by their friends no matter what happens.
  14. Hong Kong people are kind and generous. They help those who need it.
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