What time is the coronation flypast?

More than 60 planes are said to be flying flypast over Buckingham Palace, but there are concerns that bad weather could affect this afternoon’s Red Arrows exhibit.

More than 60 Royal Navy, Royal Army and Royal Air Force aircraft, including Arrows, were scheduled to fly over Buckingham Palace around 2:30pm.

Thirty minutes before his appointment, the Ministry of Defense scaled back and said Red only his Arrow and helicopters participated in the Palace flyover.

However, many people outside London will be able to see the displays as planes fly in and out of the capital.

For security reasons, the exact route of the aircraft was not made public in advance. However, airspace restrictions associated with flybys revealed overflow areas.

Due to inclement weather, the Arrows have been warned that they will have to wait until the last minute to decide whether they can put on a show at Buckingham Palace.

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“The total flyby will be 1,000 feet for him, so he needs a cloud base just above that and projections are at their limit at this point,” squadron leader Tom Bold said Saturday. He told ITV News in the morning.

“Blow up, get down in the hold, and do these weather forecasts until you reach the top of the palace.”

The Red Arrows flypass over Bournemouth has been canceled due to bad weather. The squad had been due to fly over the town shortly before 3pm.

The broad sections of the flypast route are;

Area A between 1.15pm and 3pm: The Lincolnshire coast including Skegness and the Norfolk coast including Cromer and Great Yarmouth
Area B between 1.45pm and 3pm: Thetford, Norfolk and Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk
Area C between 2pm and 3pm: Ipswich, Suffolk
Area D between 2pm and 2.45pm: Colchester and Chelmsford, Essex
Area E between 2.10pm and 2.45pm: London
Area F between 2.20pm and 3pm: Croydon, south-east London, and Epsom, Surrey
Area G between 2.20pm and 3pm: Farnborough, Hampshire; Reading, Berkshire; Swindon, Wiltshire; and Oxford, Oxfordshire

The website Military Airshows has also published more specific timings and locations for the Red Arrows, subject to any last-minute changes due to the weather.


1.50pm – RAF Waddington

1.35pm – Southeast of Methringham

1.58pm – East of Skegness

2.05pm – Over the North Sea

2.13pm – East of Caister-on-Sea

2.18pm – Over the North Sea

2.23pm – Woodbridge Airfield

2.27pm – Colchester

2.34pm – Fairlop

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2.35pm – Leyton

2.36pm – Buckingham Palace

2.38pm – Heathrow

2.40pm – Windsor

2.42pm – Reading

2.44pm – Hook

2.47pm – North of Winchester

2.53pm – Bournemouth (cancelled)

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