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Public Health Care and Medical Specialty

Public Health Medicine (PHM) is a medical specialty that focuses on preventing disease and promoting well-being through population-based approaches.

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Why Fitness is so Important

I started exercising regularly after my first year at college. I was working out almost everyday and doing cardio, weight training, yoga, for physical Fitness.

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Fitness! How Changed My Life?

Physical activity can improve your health and reduce your risk of various diseases. Most importantly, it can improve your quality of life and physical fitness.

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Fitness: How It Saved My Life

Three years ago, however, I decided to make a change., Now, fitness is a huge part of my life. I credit it with saving my life.,

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Health is beauty and Fitness is its key

The health of your body is the foundation of beauty. Your physical appearance is the first impression that people have about you. I

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How Fitness Changed My Life?

I was always the last one to get up for gym class. But then I started to get more fit and I realized how it important, Truly fitness changed my life.